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Aqua Shower Premium Units are the perfect handy solution for your hard water problems. Our units come in a universal ½” BSPP thread which can fit on to your shower, handheld and even on the wall.

Aqua Shower Premium ASP912

    • Installing it only takes minutes with a simple DIY process.
    • Better lather helps in less use of shampoos and body wash.
    • Soft water will take the dryness and dullness off your skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.
    • Hard water can be one of the leading causes of hair fall, our conditioners help prevent hair loss, frizzy and dry hair issues.
    • Wall and floor tiles don’t have white mineral hard water residue and are more easily cleaned – no scrubbing.
    • If you move homes or go on a holiday, our conditioners can be easily removed and taken along.
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