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Fabric Seal S TM

Fabric Seal S™ Synthetic Fibers  FS S™

Fabric Seal S™ Synthetic Fibers (FS-S™)is an application ready, water-based fire retardant designed for treatment of synthetic fabrics. FS-S™  is mix of proprietary ingredients, which forms a carbon char when the treated fabric is exposed to fire. Once the carbon char is formed there will be minimal flame propagation, smoke evolution or afterglow. The product is designed for interior use only.

Fire Retardant Feature
Technical Characteristics

  • Water-based fire retardant penetrant.

Designed for use on most types of synthetic fabrics including cotton and many blends.
Colorless, non-staining, inert, non-conductive, odorless, and neutrally charged.
The proprietary active ingredients of these products contribute to flame resistance by melting below flaming temperatures and then re-solidifying into a crystalline form of a carbon (char) that acts as a barrier between the fabric surface and the flame.


  • Fire Retardant Advantages and Performance Characteristics​

Consists of aqueous solutions containing a blend of proprietary active ingredients.
No polybrominated diphenyl ethers are in the composition.
Will decrease fire and smoke evolution, providing resistance to flameless combustion, referred to as afterglow.
Properly applied to fabrics, when exposed to heat and flame, FS-S™  forms a carbon char that resists fire, heat, and smoke.

  • Fire Retardant Benefits

Free of PBDE’s and Non-Toxic.

Reduces the effect of Heat and Smoke without Flame propagation.
Easy and Flexible Product Applications.
No Halogen Donor Required.


Fabric Seal S™ Documents

Testing Matrix




Fabric Seal S™

  • UL-171NFPA-7015

  • FAA FAR 25.853

  • BS-5852 Butane Flame Test

  • BS-5852 Cigarette Test

  • UFAC

300 ft2

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