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VERDANT TECHNOLLOGIES LLP, is located in Chennai with full commitment to bring you fire retardants and water softeners from overseas to protect you & the environment. There will be no further compromise on effectiveness with these environmentally friendly products that Verdant Technollogies is bringing to you from across the globe to make life simpler and safe.



Aqua Conditioners manufactures all its products in Australia using proprietory technology, which is well tested and used by industries and homes, since 1983. Products are manufactured using a technologically advanced manufacturing and servicing facility to provide customers with the best equipment. Each Aqua Conditioner goes through stringent quality checks before it is packaged and distributed. Thus once installed there are no worries about the unit failing or needing maintenance.


A Faucet Filter with, Ultra-advanced Tech
Introducing the World’s first Ultrafiltration Faucet Purifier that gives Ultra pure drinking water straight to your tap. Their effectiveness is tested and certified each year by accredited laboratories to ensure their high quality and performance.
Tapp Ultra uses an innovative 5-stage Ultra Filtration Technology to remove 100+ contaminants.



At Flame Seal Products Inc., we strive to be the force when it comes to fire prevention products & putting the power to provide fire safety into the hands of workers in numerous industries. Each of the treatments & solutions we carry goes through a rigorous testing regimen to ensure consistent fire prevention or resistance results in a multitude of scenarios. Our fire prevention products work with wood, polyurethane foam sprays, and many other varieties of combustible or ignitable materials so that the utmost fire safety can be achieved.

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