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The cleaning process is fairly simple and can be done at home either yourself or by a common house help. Find detailed (yet simple) instructions below.

Things you’ll need:

-HCL/Bathroom cleaning acid

-Wide Cello tape (if not narrow is fine) 

-Cotton balls or Tissue (for packing the ends before taping)

-1L Water bottle 

  • Take the 1L bottle of water and remove roughly 100 ml from it

  • Add that same amount of HCL/bathroom cleaner in the bottle.

  •  Let settle for 2 minutes. Bypass the water supply. 

  •  Block it from one end pour in the solution and Block it from the other end

  •  Let it settle in there for 15mins (max 20 mins) and wait for it to react with the impurities

  •  In maximum 20 mins drain out the solution 

  •  Pass pressured water through one side. Either under tap or by jet spray.

If you notice closely at first there would be some sort of Impurities/sediments which would now be clear and surface will be clean. 


The conditioner is almost as good as new and ready to use again for another year or so!

Depending on the situation we will either refurbish or replace it with a fresh unit directly from Australia – absolutely Free of Cost

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